Where the need for speed is met!

2015 Rules are posted on Rule Page!!

Every Saturday in January & March we will be doing the meat raffle at the Eagles in Alexandria for our fundraiser....come and try your luck! Starts at 3 pm.

Do you have the need for speed!?

RGKA is looking for 5 employees to work Friday nights from May until August and one Saturday in September. Positions vary from track official to scoring the races. If you or someone you know is interested let us know! Either private message RGKA on Facebook or get ahold of one of the board members. All board members emails and phone numbers are located in the About section on our Facebook page. We will be interviewing on February 11, 2015.



First year rookies will have NO entry fee

or membership fee for the year!!  

Wristband purchase will be required for insurance purposes

Get a kart and come and feel the need for speed for free!!

  Hot laps will begin at 6:30 if weather permits and 6:50 mandatory
pit meeting - parents and racers need to attend to hear what is happening for the evening!
Races will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Runestone Gokart Association Mission Statement

The Runestone Go Kart Association is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and rewarding race track for all of the drivers, their families, employee’s and spectators.  The Runestone GoKart association is also dedicated to providing the highest quality racing program with the cornerstones of value learning, self-worth among young drivers, sportsmanship among young drivers, and transition for drivers to be productive and responsible participants in the society.